Our Scripts


Although we are happy to customise or develop a script specifically for you, we offer sets of our most popular lettering grouped into Formal,
Mixed and Quick Scripts.

Historical Scripts are those used in Western Europe for the past two and a half millennia. It is from this tradition that our studio draws its' strength.

Modern lettering showing the contemporary aspects of calligraphy are based on a rigorous understanding of formal scripts, and are produced with
a blend of modern and traditional techniques.

Our studio specialises in non Western European calligraphy. We can produce anything from Chinese and Japanese Calligraphy to Cyrillic, Arabic
and Greek, as well as any Western European and Latin-based Scripts.

The Studio has a PDF of our Frequently Requested Scripts, these are the scripts most of our clients use, and come back for time and time again.  These scripts were designed out of Paul's considerable research on Historical Scripts. From the traditional exemplars,  the shapes were reworked and re-sequenced looking at simplified versions which were a little more contemporary. This PDF is but the smallest sampling of what we have to offer, it is by no means the limit of what we can do for you. It affords a view of our Formal, Mixed and Quick Scripts.

At its simplest, each script you see has no fewer than 5 variations. These variations become more complex from the Style Sheet PDF, and, consequently, take more time to write, this is reflected in the price and duration of the job.

From here the scripts we offer change, based on your needs. The considerable study and scholarship in the studio affords us the ability to custom design a script for you, this is not an easy task and takes time. We are happy to design something with you or to be left without constraint to design something based on our knowledge. Either way we are happy to assist. If you have a project which needs this level of custom calligraphic work simply drop us a line.

The intense research we pride ourselves on in the studio also allows us one other thing which sets us apart and that is the ability to tackle non-Latin scripts.
The studio produces both Greek and Cryillic (and other Slavic Languages) for stationery be it printed or handwritten. It will also produce formal calligraphic work in eastern languages provided the work is not of a cursive nature. Scripts such as Mongolian, Chinese, Japanese, Sanskrit, Amharic and Armenian, to name but a few. We also do Arabic but this depends on the nature of what is needed.

Formal Scripts

Quick Scripts

Mixed Scripts