Our Services

the possibilities are endless

Our work is used in many different ways: from events such as dinner parties, christenings, babyshowers, weddings and conferences, to products,  in magazines and for advertising. We are happy to discuss options with you.

We have a large range of scripts which can be used in addressing envelopes, invitations and placecards. From simple, straightforward utilitarian ones to complex flourished delights. You can mix and match them as you choose, we are happy to assist in making suggestions which will work for you and your event.

Our invitations are constructed from our hand written calligraphy, illustrations are all drawn by hand and combined in an exciting way which makes them unique. But it is our scholarship and the interaction of calligraphy, printing and paper which makes our stationery something different. The design and choices of printing are intelligent and make for ease of use.

Our services vary considerably from poems to stationery, to honour scrolls and scrolls for presentations, to marriage certificates and certificates of merit. The studio is also well know internationally for its classes and education outreach. We have a robust Instagram presence @pascribe where many of our products and services can be seen. Alternatively, you can email us your needs and we will endeavor in assisting you as best we can.
























Design and Branding