The word Calligraphy derives from the Greek "Kallos" ("Beauty") and "Graphein" ("write"),

Calligraphy is far more than writing beautifully. In its academic stance, Palaeography, calligraphy looks at the study of the development of alphabets and scripts and its use in illuminated manuscripts and charters. In its practical side, accuracy, repetition of shapes (letter width, height, angle and axis), and flow and
rhythm are crucial. The letters should hold your hand and take you for a walk on the page.

It is with this in mind we write the scripts the studio produces. Our envelopes are laid out to not only have this consistency in the technical but also to have its subtlety in the emotional. A deep understanding of the history of the alphabet is what informs the work we produce here, this and a high mastery of traditional and contemporary tools and materials and a knowledge of their interaction.

Calligraphy services:

  • Names written unto invitations
  • Envelope Addressing
  • Names written unto Placecards
  • Addressing Escort Cards and Placement Envelopes
  • Table Names / Numbers
  • Table Plan / Seating Plan
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Menus
  • Prose, Poems, Scrolls and Citations

We can also create calligraphy artwork and provide you with ready to print files for:

  • Invitations
  • Save the Date
  • RSVP Cards & Envelopes
  • Menus & Maps
  • Thank You Cards
  • Personalised Stationery
  • Greeting Cards

For mailing, our standard suggestion is to use one of the Quick Scripts for the envelope addressing and the corresponding Formal Script for addressing the names on the invitations. This works well as a price point differential and can assist with speed of turnaround and tight budgets. The Quick Scripts can also be used for Placecards, Placement Envelopes and Escort Cards. They can be written in a heavier hand if need be, just consider the size of the card versus the weight of the script.

You might consider counter-changing colour. This is where, for example, we write in white ink on a black envelope and then address the invitation using black ink on the printed white card. The same effect can be used in almost any colour and is a very striking way to present the stationery employing contrast.

Wedding calligraphy services include hand-scribing names on Invitations, Addressing Envelopes, Placecards and the increasingly popular Placement Envelopes with attendant Escort Cards, as a much more efficient alternative to producing a seating plan. Escort Cards can simply be swapped if need be, rather than an entire plan which may need rewriting. We can also provide beautiful Thank You notes for after the event, we will even, happily writing them out, where all you need do is sign your names.

For parties we can fill in pre-printed invitations, address envelopes and placecards or create custom menus. Little hors d'oeuvres or drinks cards are terrific for parties, too, especially for informal or smaller gatherings.

Corporate Event services include invitation and/or envelope addressing, placecards and menus. On-site services can also be included as part of your event. We will come on site and finish off work, or stay to write messages for guests or, further still, do some large scale performance work as a welcome gesture.

Our invitations are constructed from our hand written calligraphy, illustrations are all drawn by hand and combined in an exciting way which makes them unique. But it is our scholarship and the interaction of calligraphy, printing and paper which makes our stationery something different. The design and choices of printing are intelligent and make for ease of use. Our designs can be as simple or as complex as you wish incorporating location specific scenery or the decorative arts from different periods and cultures.

The studio specialises in Latin calligraphy. We can produce anything from Greek and Cyrillic to formal Chinese and Japanese Calligraphy. Our Master Scribe can produce any formal, non-latin hands once the text is provided.  Naturally, this also includes Western European and Latin-based Scripts. This is an exciting use for non-english, bilingual and even trilingual copy where finding the same font in each language poses a problem.

Handwritten blocks of text for Prose or Poetry, Biblical Texts and Wedding Vows can be produced as text only or with varying degrees of decoration. The appearance of final product can range from ideas based on illuminated manuscript decoration to contemporary explosive renderings. We have numerous ways in which blocks of text, like Poems could be produced for faster turnarounds and ease of legibility. Poems very considerable in price depending on size of copy. Please also be away, the shape of the copy can also influence how the poem is executed. If you are interested in this service, please email us the size of the piece of paper you are intending to have the copy on as well as the text.

Books  - inserts
As most book paper is unsuitable for traditional calligraphy inks and paints, we suggest using an insert or 'tip in sheet'. This can be produced on a sheet of paper sympathetic to the book, which can then be placed inside the cover or front page. If you prefer, we are happy to write in glossy books but we can only use our quick scripts as formal calligraphy inks react badly with coated surfaces.

Books  - copy
We can tackle books in a number of ways. What is eventually going to happen to the book is the first consideration. If it is to be reproduced or a one off is key, as this will determine the size of the pages and the script. The delicacy of the script is also critical as legibility is important in projects such as these. Books can include books of prose, poems, blocks of biblical text, a company history or simply one’s own personal musings. The complexity of the end product is entirely up to you, we will happily hold your hand through a project like this. The studio is also happy to have this beautiful tome formally hand bound.

Monograms are two initials intertwined or conjoined together to form a graphic depiction. Cyphers are similar but have more than three letters interwoven. There are many variations as to style, shape and structure as these are unique to each customer. In considering what kind of monogram to have designed, we always suggest to think beyond the wedding, think of longer usability, also think of placement and scale when considering how it will be used. Monograms needed for largescale use, for carpet runners and projections unto walls and dancefloors need to be discussed as simply enlarging something hand-rendered can cause blurring issues. Monograms for embroidery must also be discussed as line thickness information from the embroidery company as well as templates and tolerance levels of thread must be adhered to.

All our maps are hand drawn and can be to scale or something a little more whimsical. They can be a simple map with hand lettering or have illustrations of landmarks and may even include complex, flourished titles enclosed in cartouches. We work with you on choice of techniques so as to allow the maps to fit its intended use.

Formal certificates can be something as simple as name and/or a date fillend in on preprinted certificates or designed and hand-rendered certificates using our own lettering. It can be a one off piece of we can have have the certificates printed and then filled them in. One off certificates - written by hand and finished with beautiful gros-grain ribbon interwoven at the bottom of the certificate can also use complex flourishing, painting and flat or raised gilding.

Our Wedding Certificates are something of another order. There are prepares for signing on the day so you have all the same people on your official marriage certificate, and more if you like, but this you can frame and hang. It is a simple, but beautiful addition to the day. We are happy to be led by you on colour and ribbon choice.

If you wish to commission a calligraphy project please get in touch using our contact form.