Personalised Stationery

Our most accessible range is the personalised range which we accomplished by mixing one of the calligraphic hands, be them Traditional 18th century script or Contemporary Ruling Pen forms with our Small Caps. The small Caps allow for the names of the couple to stand out in true style whilst still all having the feel and finish of something which is truly handwritten.

This range is flat printed in dark grey ink on a variety of coloured card.
We opted for dark grey over black, as the black can feel too harsh for such an emotional event as a wedding. We've selected a limited range of coloured stocks so as to make choosing a little easier. The colour options are there to work with the feel of your wedding the hand rendered work is there to add that personalised touch to your special day.



Bespoke Range

Our Bespoke Range uses the flair and uniqueness of one script to produce exciting invitations and their corresponding set of stationery. This is where
we use one calligraphic hand, either all at the same size or at various sizes
to produce a piece of art. We work with you on the degree of flourishing
and decoration where you might opt for plain simple text only to a
decorative border designed to your specifications.

This range is hand rendered in different print techniques from 18th century Copperplate Engraving (raised), to 19th century Letterpress and Foil Blocking (sunk). Lithography (flat) is also used here but with an added touch to
enhance its usage. It is a more complex range but still adheres to the hand
generated feel.


Unique Range

Our most complex range requires a couple private consultations to get it right. This is where the whole package is constructed around your desires.
The choice of colours and type of printing, to the paper, texture and edging
are all considered. Illustrations of Monograms and Cartouches coupled
with hand drawn maps magically create something unprecedented,
something truly yours.

The full range of printing forms are explored. The design is with your event in mind. Here is where the full weight of the reference materials in the studio and our considerable knowledge and scholarship come together to create the perfect invite. We are guided by your thoughts, the venues, the colours and your past together.


Wedding Day Stationery

What you think you need and what you might need to make your special day not only look beautiful, but run shoothly, can sometimes be a little confusing. Placecards and menus for the tables along with Table Numbers or Table Names are only the tip of the iceberg. Are you going to opt for Placement Envelopes with Escort Cards or a table plan written out on a mirror? A mirror is a wonderful way to have some signage with your names and the venue to welcome people as they arrive at the church or the reception venue. But simple things like signage for ‘Ladies’ and ‘Gentlemen’ as well as one for ‘Kids’ are not only fun but useful. Also consider directional signs with arrows and ingredients in mocktails.

Tools and materials vary from ink on paper, to chalk on boards, to paint on glass and mirrors, paint on stones and pottery. Make useful fun! Also have a look at our wedding certificates.