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about us

Paul Antonio Scribe, founded by the renowned calligrapher and scribe Paul Antonio, is a London-based studio that can provide their clients with a vast range of skilled calligraphers, hand-lettering artists and graphic designers. As we've  grown, our studio now includes 4 fully trained scribes. 

Explore our wide range of customized scripts and installation pieces. 

We hope to provide you the very best high quality services.

the possibilities are endless

For whatever event you’re catering, we can provide. From dinner parties, christenings, baby showers, weddings, to conferences, we can do it all.  Want your advertisements to pop? We are happy to assist you with products, branding, magazine inserts and much more.







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Calligraphy is a time honored art that adds refinement and elegance to any occasion. We offer you the chance to explore the finer points of both contemporary and historical calligraphy.

Whether you’re looking for a modern twist, the heavy handed Medieval Period, the gorgeous letterforms of 2nd Roman Scripts and so much more, immerse yourself in the arts while learning all about the culture of creating the intricate and classic tools and materials of the art. 

Take on our classes and workshops in a new and innovative method that we have fine-tuned for a simplified approach so that anyone can learn and excel.

Our Clients

+44 20 7620 4441

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