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We regularly hold classes and workshops on calligraphy and material culture.

Paul Antonio has developed a unique approach to studying the art of calligraphy in his book, Copperplate Script- A Yin & Yang Approach. This modified learning experience simplifies the approach and creates a more accessible and easy-to-learn method for anyone looking to take on calligraphy in a modern and inspiring fashion. 

Paul’s research into the geometry of writing has led him to a new vision of how we put pen to paper.  This research is so exciting as it gives the  participant access to quicker learning and application of calligraphy.

Our calligraphy sessions cover a wide range of letterforms 

2nd Roman Scripts

Medieval Period

Renaissance Italic

18th Century Copperplate

American Spencerian Scripts

Modern Brush & Ruling Lettering

Preparation of Materials

Our material culture classes include the hand-abrading of 24k gold leaf to make ink, and the grinding of semi-precious materials such as malachite for paint. Teaching vellum and parchment preparation as well as the curing and cutting of quills, and working with papyrus are classes which can all be booked at the studio.

Learn more about  our upcoming workshops, classes and lectures in London or abroad

All workshops are booked through Eventbrite

Personalized Classes & Workshops

Contact us if you wish to organize your own custom calligraphy event. We can arrange workshops, lectures and classes for your team or small group of people in our London studio or at your preferred venue. 

**In the wake of COVID, let’s chat about our online options. It’s a great way to spend your time while in the safety and comfort of your own home. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

+44 20 7620 4441

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